Korn Seang Edouard Song imagines, designs and creates tools as artistic expressions of potential futures.

Thought Developer

A collaborative communication tool that helps participants shape a personal and impartial opinion, free from preconceptions and hierarchies, ahead of a collective discussion.

Screenshot of an anonymous thought to a given prompt being appraised, and recommended.


Digital application

Digital communication tools reproduce the social hierarchies and human biases of physical meetings. Every action, every mouse gesture, every keystroke are not just public, to be observed and hastily judged upon by the other participants, but nominative, placing the spotlight on the individuals, linking their contributions to their appearances, ranks and positions.

Thought Developer (working title) is an internal communication system that makes people shape their own personal opinion about a subject, while making themselves more receptive to new perspectives, in preparation for a collective discussion. Relying on a simple digital application, Thought Developer gathers anonymous thoughts to a given question and exhibits them in private and individual appraisals, leading to a compilation of thoughts of interest for the forthcoming meeting.

This communication system focuses on ideas, and not the individuals behind them, mitigating the emotional reactions, defensive responses, and the unconscious and unspoken biases. Faced with the profusion of meetings, Thought Developer provides and safeguards personal time outside the frenzy, to think, to understand others, to collide, exchange, and experiment with new ideas.

Thought Developer is under development.