Korn Seang Edouard Song imagines, designs and creates tools as artistic expressions of potential futures.


Tools are not only a medium of action, that transform our intention into actions, they are a medium of perception, whose rules and norms frame our judgement and thoughts as we rely on them to traverse and interact with the world.

Technical objects express and introduce, by the definition of an expected behaviour and the nature of the designed interactions, a certain attitude towards the world. This message is indissociable from the technical function, so much so that it is communicated at every use, stimulating debates between the users and their prospective selves, between their habits and the conduct modelled by the machine.

Tools reproduce the environment of potential futures, directed by their own, subjective sets of rules and policies. And so, they should be built as artistic artefacts, responding to ideas and fighting for ideals, with the ambition of adding meanings to people’s worlds outside the scope of the apparatus.

Korn Seang Edouard Song’s works present a different approach of tools, beyond the technical purpose, establishing it as a medium of artistic expression, to imagine, communicate and drive people towards alternative futures.


Korn Seang Edouard Song is an artist, designer and engineer, based in Paris, France.



    • MEng in Mechanical Engineering
      with first-class honours

      • Faculty of Engineering Dean’s List, 2011, 2013, 2014
      • Renishaw Prize, 2013
      • Shell Capistan Essay Prize, Finalist, 2013
      • Bosch Cordless Hand Tool Assignment Prize, Most innovative concept, 2012
    • Imperial College London
      London, United Kingdom

    • Classe préparatoire, PCSI
      with mention très bien (highest honours)

    • Lycée Louis-Le-Grand
      Paris, France

    • Baccaularéat général, série scientifique
      with mention très bien (highest honours)

    • Lycée Louis-Le-Grand
      Paris, France