KS Edouard Song designs and builds technologies as creative expressions of potential futures.

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Technologies are not only a medium of action, transforming our intention into actions, they are a medium of perception, whose rules and norms frame our judgement and thoughts as we rely on them to traverse and interact with the world.

Products of technology are, in a way, analog to cultural artefacts, as they express and put forward, by defining an expected behaviour and by the nature of the designed interactions, a certain attitude towards the world.

    I propose a different approach of designing and building technology, that considers it not as a neutral means to an end, but as a medium of creative expression.

    The use of such technology begins as a debate between oneself and a prospective self, whose conduct would be modelled by the designed interactions. Futher uses then represent opportunities for more introspections, reflections and debates. As uses become regular, they start to affect people’s views, progressively dissolving the virtual self into the physical one, until the technology and its effects become second nature and part of one’s identity.

      Fig 1

      Interacting with a technology changes people’s perspectives use after use

      In the end, products of technology are the expression of a potential future coupled with a technical purpose. Therefore, technology shouldn’t be driven by the mindless pursuit of engineering breakthrough to serve the dominant future; quite the reverse, we should use technology as a creative material to explore, communicate and introduce alternative futures.

      And this is what I am trying to do.

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