KS Edouard Song designs and builds technologies that have the outspoken intention of changing people’s perspectives.

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I see technologies as cultural artefacts, which, besides their stated function, express and promote a certain perspective of the world. I propose a different approach of designing and building technology, that considers it not as a neutral means to an end, but as a medium of creative expression.

    This approach thinks of interactions not only as rules guiding a person towards accomplishing a certain purpose, but as events in a first-person narrative, framing the protagonist/user thinking and judgement, while revealing step by step a subjective, possibly unsettling, perspective of the world.

    Interacting with such technology is somehow like debating between oneself and a prospective self, whose conduct would be modelled by the designed interactions.

    Further uses are opportunities for more introspections, more reflections and debates. When approachable and convincing, these exchanges have the rare potential of impacting people’s attitudes, progressively dissolving the virtual self into the physical one, until the technology and its effects become second nature and part of one’s identity.

      Fig 1

      Interacting with a technology changes people’s perspectives use after use

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