KS Edouard Song designs and builds objects, systems and services that have an outspoken ambition of changing people's perspectives.


I use design as a mode of expression, producing technical artefacts, which, besides their stated functions, have interactions purposefully built to put forward a provocative perspective of the world.

This design approach thinks of interactions as rules guiding a person towards the achievement of a functional purpose. Put together, these interactions gradually shape the user thinking and perception, eventually revealing a subjective, possibly unsettling, view of the world.

In a way, the use of such artefacts is analogous to a debate between oneself and a prospective self, whose conduct would be modelled by the designed interactions.

Further uses then become occasions for more introspections. When convincing, these exchanges progressively transform the user attitude, until the virtual self completely dissolves into the physical one, at which point, the object interactions feel second nature and the end function is perceived as an innate ability.

Using the artefact progressively changes people's perspectives

This design approach shuffle priorities. The interactions, shaping the speculative self, somehow matter more than the problem-solving aspect: the ambition here is to devise constraints that embody an alternative way of seeing, exploring and understanding the world, while contributing to the artefact practicality.

The function is no longer an obsession, the unique factor to optimise around, but remains essential to this design practice. Its nature and execution should justify a repetition of uses, enabling these multiple debates to occur.

In the end, these artefacts have an utilitarian purpose, thus they share the same expectations as those resulting from conventional methods.

Selected projects

  • Vocaboscope

    A vocabulary trainer directed by the learner’s own reading wishes.

  • Reflecting pool

    A learning method for university courses powered by students’ critical thinking.

  • Koala hoop

    A portable basketball hoop mountable on existing street furniture.

  • Timelines

    A bus stop which empowers travellers in making informed routing decisions.